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My wife and I are considering buying a Class A. We are a little nervous about buying used, we don't want to inherit someone elses problems. if we were to buy used, is there anything one should look for when buying a Class A gas/diesel besides checking the VIN and noticable problems. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Buying new verses Used

A lot of the used ones will have some of the problems already corrected that are found on new units. Try to talk with the previous owner and watch for units that may have been in some of the recent floods. If you are not familar with rvs have someone inspect for you. Don't forget the drive train. If service has been neglected even low milage can be a problem. Ask for record but a lot of owners do their own but, they should keep records. Do your homework and don't fall in love with a unit before you have inspected it thourghly. Know the value of units that interest you. Sometimes you can buy new as cheap as a 2 year old unit. Lot of rvs for sell with the owner owing more than they are worth.


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Re: Buying new verses Used

The advantages of new is that you have a warrantee, and it is highly unlikely there have been any undocumented modifications.

The downside is that 1) not all warrantees are lived up to as well as you might expect, 2) nowadays, the chances of getting a new unit with serious problems is uncomfortably high, 3) The depreciation over the first few years is killer, 4) the price for a particular level of quality and features is the highest.

The advantages of used (after a complete and competent inspection, of course) is that 1) The odds of factory defects is much less, 2) someone else is eating the depreciation, 3) the cost for a given level of quality and features is significantly less.

The downside of used is 1) you often don't know how it was treated or maintained, so the odds of excessive wear and/or undocumented modifications is greater, 2) there is no, or limited warrantee, so if there are problems, you are on your own, and 3) some of the life of the unit has already been lived.

For me, I prefer used, but I will admit to buying new on occasion when the deal was too good to pass up (always on a last years model so far).
RE: Buying new verses Used

Thank you all for the helpful advise. There defineately pros and cons to both new and used. This is will greatly help my wife and I make our decision. :)


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RE: Buying new verses Used

We always thought when the time came to buy a motor home it would have to be new. A trip to the dealership this past weekend changed our minds. We were just playing around looking to see what we could buy for around a $100,000. Was sitting in a new Winnebago Voyage gas 35 foot that listed for about $115,000. We talked to our salesman in length about new versus used. His thoughts were like Johns. Let someone else take the hit on depreciation.
With that he showed us a 2001 Endeavor 38 foot diesel with 22,000 miles for $85,000. We looked it over pretty good and was amazed at how well the owner took care of it. He had just traded it in for a new one. If I would have been a little closer to retirement we would have bought it. There are a lot of good deals on used, just don't be in a hurry.