Buying Repo's

Anyone here ever purchase a repo?

If so, do the banks really consider any offer?

How low can a person go on an offer?

We're going to look at some RVs this weekend (Class C and Class A motorhomes).

Any tips appreciated!


C Nash

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Buying Repo's

Charley and Donna,
The first thing to look for on any repos is condition. Most of the time a repo has been neglected and abused
:( . Try to look in areas that have not been cleaned. Pay close attention to the top, around windows, doors and all coners for signs of leaks. Something like an ice pick is great for probing next to walls in the floor area for soft spots and will not damage carpet. Ck all appliances and plumbing for proper operation.
By all means make a very low offer if interested in a certain rv. After all they don't mine asking a very high side price. You can find the selling price in NADA books that are online. Remember accessories do not add that much to a used rv. Yes, there are some good finds in repo if you smoke them over good and be willing to walk away. Good luck