Cable TV Hookup Won't Work With Satellite

We have a 2002 Prowler, and took our DirecTV dish and receiver out with us over Labor Day. Although the dish and receiver worked fine, they only did so when we DIDN'T use the Prowler's Cable TV hookup (we had to run the cable direct from the dish through the trailer door directly into the receiver.) Any ideas why the Cable TV hookup won't support a satellite dish/receiver? The dealer says there's nothing wrong with the trailer's wiring, but I think there is, since the coax we ran between the dish and the receiver is just ordinary coax, that we'd use in our house for either cable or satellite.

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

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Cable TV Hookup Won't Work With Satellite

Hello LTCMom,
The satellite system will not work through the antena power booster system. The satellite system requires a small voltage at the dish to work. You can install a jumper behind the booster and get it to work. Call the maker of the antenna and they can tell you how to hook it up. The number should be in your owner manual. Other than that you will have to run a seperate cable from the tv to dish. Good luck

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Cable TV Hookup Won't Work With Satellite

Hi LTCMOM, Chelse, is right on you cann't run the dish thur the ant. amp system, its got to be jumpered around the ampifier. Some folks just get a cable lead in/kit and install a seperate cable for the dish, running the coax from the inlet plate to the TV, you can get a switch assy at Wal-mart to then connect the ant/cable coax the dish coax & a vcr to the TV you then just push the button to select what you want. Good luck and a BIG welcome to the forum. :)