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It sure seems like you're picking on Kirk in every post. I'm glad he had the good sense to call Calgon and ask about it. That doesn't mean what you do is invalid. I do my black tank with just water most of the time. Then on the last leg, I'll put in some detergent and calgon so it gets swished around. Then I dump it in my home septic system and rinse it real good with plain water. So I mostly do what Kirk does, but not 100%.
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Why would you think that? We're just on the same threads a lot and from time to time we both do a little correcting of information.


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sure, calling a company is a good idea. Just make sure that the person you talk to is qualified to answer the question.

If I had made that call, after the answer about "its for washing machines", I'd have asked "ok, what does it do in a washing machine". Hopefully, I'd finally get to the point of what it really does, which is counteract the hardness of the water, which improves the cleaning ability of the water in, I presume, any situation. Add in some soap, and now you've really got some cleaning action.
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Talking to a company regarding using their product for something other than what the product was intended for will rarely get any answer other than 'we don't recommend it' or 'don't do it'.

Too many lawyers, too much risk. We went through this a while back regarding tow hitches and what we found was try it and if it works fine and if the manufacturer says it won't work then you've proven otherwise.

I almost never talk to manufacturers unless I need general info about the product. Most things seem to be common sense, like calgon in your waste tanks, you know without thinking about it a lot that it's going to help.