California to Texas in December


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We are wondering what to expect of the roads and weather going to Texas from central Ca. coast in December. We are leaving around the 15th of Dec. and returning by the 2nd of Jan. We have a Tioga 24 ft. pulling a wrangler. Do we need brake assist on the jeep traveling through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oaklahoma? Any steep passes we will have to go over?

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RE: California to Texas in December

Ther are some steep passes coming into Albuquerque NM ,, they have a moutain range there called the Teress mountains ,, and yes it does get kinda steep ,,, also the time u'r going is usally when they get the snow in the above mentioned mountain range ,,, but usally they keep i40 clear ,,, but i did get in a hellava snow storm there once ,, had to follow the big rigs tracks ,, and was pushing snow with the rv,,,, The reason i know this i lived in Alb for quit a few years ,, and yes it does snow in the dessert...
On the other side ,, heading outta Alb.. u have Nine Mile hill ,,, but u'll be going up ,, heading to Cal...
That's about all i can lend :) :)
Happy traveling
Oh yea i hope it's warm ,, where u'r going in Cali... :laugh: