Campground Evaluators?


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HI All,

Does anyone have any experience in Evaluating Campgrounds for pay? I know several of the directory publishers (i.e Good Sam) do pay people to go around to campgrounds and evaluate them for use in their Trailer-Life Directory.

If you have had experience doing this....what did you like about it? Not like about it? How did you get into it? Who would we contact to start this?

Is the pay any good? How does it all work?

It seems like it would be a fun thing to do ...but I don't want to get into something that turns out to be more of a burden than fun.

Thanks for sharing your experiences!



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Re: Campground Evaluators?

Have you contacted Good Sam direct for references? They should be willing to give you some names of people that do this. Thats my 2 cents. Don't send check till it gets to a dollar.


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Re: Campground Evaluators?

Actually it isn't Good Sam that you need to contact, but rather the staff of the Trailer Life Campground Guide. Woodall's and Wheelers both also hire people to do that.

One thing I do know from having visited at some length with a person who had worked for Trailer Life is that they are partly paid by commission for selling RV park advertising and sales calls at the RV parks is a major part of the job.

I don't remember ever having met anyone who worked for the other two, but have seen posts on some forums about the positions.