Can you help me plan my trip?


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I plan a trip to the west this summer. I am in Nova Scotia Canada.I want to return through the US. My thought is to cross over from British Columbia and return to the east through the US.
I will be pulling a fifth wheel and want to avoid steep grades.Can you suggest a route for me to take as I make my way back to Nova Scotia.?
Appreciate whatever help you can provide.

Ed H.

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Can you help me plan my trip?

I really can't be of much help until you hit New England. Regardless of what Mapquest, Mapblast or Yahoomaps might tell you, you would do well to avoid any of the large cities (New York, Hartford, Boston, etc.).
This can be done by entering Massachusetts on I-90 (the Mass. Turnpike). There is one long grade that you will be going down, but it's nothing like what you will see out west, so it should not be a problem. To avoid Boston, use I-495 north (exit 11-A). That will put you on I-95 at the New Hampshire border.
When you get into Maine, stay on the Maine Turnpike at least until you pass Portland. After that, there aren't too many big cities anyway.
If you are interested in sights to see in western Mass., send me an e-mail and I can point you in the right direction.
hope you have a wonderful trip.