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Planning trip to thousand islands on Canadian side, then Niagara Falls. Traveling with other 3 families and we love to cook outdoors and share our meals. What can we bring in the trailer without problems with customs? Can we bring our food and drinks or do we need to purchase there only?


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We crossed the Canada border several times last summer and at no time were we even asked about food items when entering Canada. There are limits on alcoholic drinks so you will need to check with the Canadian consulate to be sure of those. Even for that we were not asked about what we had but our motorhome was searched on one occasion so I'm sure that they would have said something had we been carrying too much. When you return to the US you will be asked about food items and beef is the key one, or was last summer. If you buy beef in the US that you might want to bring back, keep it in the original package, unopened. As long as they can see that it was USDA inspected there will be no problems. We also lost one house plant when returning due to the ag inspection on the US side.


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hi mendezbe i come from canada and if you come you can bring your own meals,cause in december me and my families goes to miami and when we come back no problem with the food come to the usa :) :blush: