Caravan to Mardi Gras Galveston feb 4th 2005


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Caravan to Mardi Gras Galveston Tx , contact mel
everyone is welcome reguardless of club affiliation,
I've been to the big easy and it's just too crowded for me, when I was in a sea of folks the last time i was down there the guy next to me was taking a leak on my shoes. "LOL" Just too many fricking people, after that I decided never again. The one in Galveston is Nice and it's put on by the parks dept, They may get 200,00 folks in the 2 weeks if the weather is nice but I think those numbers are inflated, They have good entertainment that you can actually get to and hear. You get the beads and parades and all the other revery including the flashing "LOL" . We were just trying to see if some oher folks in or near the N Texas area were interested in Caravaning down there, we were not meaning to get into a debate of who had the best Mardi Gras, they all have something good to offer I'm sure. :cool: