Casita Travel Trailers

I would appreciate hearing comments and dicussion on the pros and cons of the Casita Travel Trailers from owners and users.

C Nash

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Casita Travel Trailers

My advice is to go to Verns site and read ALL the chapters. GREAT READING and a lot of useful information. I am keeping a log of all his camping info for future references (am I going to have to pay for this Vern) in traveling. Waiting for the next chapter.

Chelse L. Nash
Casita Travel Trailers

Go to the site shown below and read the first few chapters and you'll find out what we found out.

Vern M.
The Little House on the Highway (tm)

Vern, I read your book "Little House.." and it seems to me that your Casita purchser was an experience that nobody would ever want to have.