Change to Transynd?

Hi Allison Man,

Our ‘97 Monterey will have 75,000 miles on it when the next transmission oil and filter change is due. We currently use Dextron 3, does it make any sense to change to the synthetic Transynd
Fluid at this point? I understand that it would require a second change after 50, 000 miles to come to a 100% synthetic Transynd. At that rate our coach would have 125,000 miles for a 50% mix and 175,000 for 100% synthetic Transynd.

The Beave
Change to Transynd?

If it were my motorhome, I would go ahead and put Transynd in. I have serviced many of the transmissions that have Transynd and I am finding that it will stick to the internal parts of the transmission better than Dexron III thus giving you better lubrication.