chev 350 longbed topper

we recently purchased a new truck bed topper... it has been installed and looks beautiful, but i'm concerned it won't be as easy to remove when we want to use the 5W as we'd thought... does anyone else have their bed covered when they aren't using their rv, and if so, what's the easiest way to remove it? is it to heavy for a husband and wife to lift together?


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chev 350 longbed topper

when you say 'topper', do you mean something which is about as high as the cab, usually with windows in the side and a door or lift gate in the back? Or do you mean something flush with the top of the bed?

If the former, it may or may not be a problem for the pair of you. If so, and you don't have family or friends who can help, you may be able to attach brackets to it, then use jacks like they use for slide in campers to lift it, then drive out from under it.

If it is the latter, then you should be able to handle it. Probably don't want to try it if the wind is acting up though :) .

I cover the front 1/3 of my bed with a custom flush cover which protects the generator and provides secure storage, and the back 2/3 are alway open. The same company sells a complete cover, with hatches to remove to tow the 5ver, but my pin box was too big to fit through the holes. On my previous truck, I had a 'roll n lock' cover which I could just roll forward to expose the hitch. There are also some 'fold n lock' covers which might do the job as well.
chev 350 longbed topper

john, thank you for your response... this is one of the toppers that is flush (or about 2-3 in. above) the bed... i can see where the wind would be an issue, and i like the idea of the brackets to lift it and then drive out from under it... i did a search and found what you are speaking of... looks like a great idea if we can't lift it together... thanks a bunch!