Chevy hydroboost

I've a '92 PaceArrow with a Chevy chassis. The pressure switch on the large rubber hyd. failed, causing fluid loss. I replaced switch,refilled and bled system. Now I have brake boost and pwr steering when in park. When put into gear or neutral, hyd. parking brake releases, light stays on and I loose steering and brakes. I bled approx 1/2 qt. fluid from parking brake accuator. Could it need more bleeding? I didn't run completly out of fluid so I don't think the pump is damaged. Thanks.

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Re: Chevy hydroboost

I am not sure about this as I have never owned one. But it kind of sounds like it is acting like you are low on fluid. You may have an air-lock. You might have to bled, refill, and bled the system until you get rid of the air-lock. JMO. Hang in here, someone will have a better answer. ;)

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Re: Chevy hydroboost

C Nash - 1/21/2010 6:12 PM

Browzin, Why not post your help here so we all can benfit?
I would, but it is link to a RVing friend that has been working on hydro boost systems since they came out and I really don't think he would appreciate having his personal contact info posted on the internet.