Choice of Class A Rental


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We are in the process of renting a Class A Motorhome and have two choices - we just don't know enough to make an informed decision!

Both are 36ft.

The first is a Winnebago Brave purchased this year, and the other is a Green Forest Georgetwon purchased within the last year.

We like the window in the back of the Georgetown (seems unusually in a unit this size), but Green Forest is not known for its Class A's, and the Winnebago has some additional features (easy storage, etc.) plus is a stronger name (I think)

ANY ADVICE???????????????????????/

Thank you.

Gary B

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Choice of Class A Rental

Hi RAKRoger, are you asking about a Georgetown by Forrest River? Forrest River has a good reputation thhey build a very good MH, Winnebage of course has been building MH's for 40+ years. Actually I think the Georgetown is a higher level MH then the Brave. Since your renting I'd go with the one you like, afer all it not like you'll have it forever. Welcome to the forum and have a great time rving. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: