class a motorhome

I recently asked a question --Travel Trailer or Motor Home and received a couple of replys that helped. NEXT QUESTION I have found a damon inverness motor home that I like it is a 97 model and is built on a freightliner chassies and has a cat 300hp engine. it has approx 23000 miles and 240 hrs on propane generator. Is this an entry level coach for diesel pushers????? It doesn't seem to be as nice a coach as say an HR or pace arrow but still looks good. 'What do I need to look for ???????????any help will be appreciated thanks Biker glenn
class a motorhome

If you are going to be using the generator much you will not like the fuel consumption of a propane generator. You would be much better off with a diesel generator. The above mentioned coach is considered an entry level diesel pusher.

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class a motorhome

Hello!n So, did you decide to buy it? Have you had any problems with it? what did you find out,bikerb2? Was just going through some of the old posts still active here and thought that i would add my two cents worth.

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