Class A or C models

C Nash;82681 said:
If I dont want them looking in I just close the curtains. Hard to go by a rv and not look. Just a camper admiring your rig IMO.
I'm with Nash on that. I myself see a lot of really fine looking RVs that I not only stop and stare. If the owners are lounging outside, I go up and strike up a conversation with them about it. Next thing we know, I'm pulling up a chair and chit chatting with them over coffee about that and other things.
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Well JCZ guess you see we have opinions and give them. Thats whats so great about this country. Think I see what you are saying now if gets to peeping toms like Hollis I might breech the old 12 ga pump LOL. Most all understand the sound of a pump shotgun putting a shell in the barrell. Hey at least you got the board hopping. Keep the comments coming. Would also like to see so of your other pictures.
After I made my last post, sit there for a minute and then laughed out loud. Posting "my" opinion is what got everbody's pantys in a wad. Then I got to thinkin....this has got to be a pretty slow forum if a simple post of opnion about people staring into my 5er can become the topic of the day creating more posts than any other topic on this forum today. Now that's just plain funny.....I don't care who you are.

What I'd like to know is where, on this forum, do I find where everybody's posted their pictures of destinations and journeys? Something just a tad bit more tangible.

Oh, by the way offense taken......we're good.

Now where have you folks been and where are the pics?



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just look in the album section. That is wher post post there pictures. Me I have not been able to learn how. Dumbie me

C Nash

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Well there used to be a place to post pictures but now I dont see it. Guess youhave to go to Face Book to see mine JCZ. Got a lot of Alaska pic "somewhere" LOL. I have problems even finding my own
I edited one of my posts above, just to see if I could insert a photo......I was/did.

I then read your last post went back up to "community" and clicked on each of those tabs and it only reflects info for myself. I don't see anywhere I can enter another members username to view their album.

I'm with challenged.....but I call it technology stupid. :)
H2H1;82696 said:
just look in the album section. That is wher post post there pictures. Me I have not been able to learn how. Dumbie me
Interesting.....yesterday I clicked on albums and nothing came up. Today I tried it again and there's two in there. Going to see Chelse's trip to Alaska, now.

C Nash

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Still playing with the album as you have found out. Posted twice for some reason so will delete one as soon as possible. Got tons more of Alaska trip to post but dont have time right now. Might get into my relax time LOL


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what do u mean your relax time???? you are out on the road camping where ever you like, what more laxing can you get?
just saying!!
Hi RVRookie,

Not sure how much this will help as my wife and I are pretty much rookies ourselves, but...

We've had a Thor ACE 29.2 for a bit over a year now. Our trips have pretty much been limited to weekends although we had one longer trip late last summer. We're very pleased with it and can't wait to get back out there this year. On the long trip we had 5 of us including our two sons (HS and college) and a friend. Both my boys are over 6' and they didn't seem to have any issues with the height. We had one sleeping in the dinette, one on the sofa and one in the overhead bed that you can drop down over the seats when parked. We also had an 8 month old Great Dane puppy. Might be a bit harder to have that full group at this point with the Dane's growth!

We looked at a wide variety of Class Cs up to 31 feet and Class As up to about 34 feet including some of the small diesels. We finally decided that this was the right choice for us and so far we've been quite happy with our choice. My wife has remarked a few times that she's very happy we picked the one we did. We have a Jeep Wrangler setup to tow four down and have taken that with us on several of the trips. I test drove a few of the motor homes and felt the Class As were easier to see out of. All in all, we've been happy - hope you find the right one for yourselves. We are hoping to do the same when I can finally retire!