Class a rv tires

I recently had my first blow out on my 94 holiday rambler vacationer with Michelin LT 235 85 R16 E Rib xps tires. Mileage is 40000 and date code shows august 1992 build. I always keep pressures right at 80 psi and have weighed all axles and know I am under limits. Always cover tires when stored. Am not complaining about Michelins since until now they have never caused any noticeable problems. Checked with Ford and Holiday Rambler and they both prefer Michelin or Goodyear G647 RSA tires. Does anyone have any experiences with the Goodyear or any other brands? Firestone and Bridgestone also offer all steel cord tires, at lower prices, but am not eager to try another brand after decent service from the Michelins. Any suggestions? Also, Do I need to change all 6 or can I use the inner rear, which were the least exposed to the sun, on the front and just put the 4 new ones on the rear-or would that just be penny wise and dollar foolish? BLW

C Nash

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Class a rv tires

Hi Bernie and welcome to the forum :) Most say it's a good practice to replace tires regardless of tread after 5 yrs of service. I think I would replace all 6 with them having 13 years on them even if I had kept them covered. Blowouts and motor homes dont go together to good. :( (AJMO)
Class a rv tires

Hey Bernie, I've got a '97 Vacationer & replaced my tires w/Bridgestone. I haven't had any problems with them & seem to wear like iron. Bob