Class A's; Gas or Diesel ?

Hi everyone,
Not my first post, but I have a few questions. I'm planning on buying a Pre-owned Class A, 34 - 37. I've been told that the General Motors (Chevrolet?) 454 engines usually need rebuilding around 30k - 35k miles. I can't imagine that being true, but what about it ? Are the Ford V-10's more durable ?
I was considering Diesel, but they are much more expensive and the cost of fuel is exorbitant. Do the Diesels get enough better mileage figures to offset the cost ?? By the way, what can you expect mileage-wise from a Gas and a Diesel in the 34 - 37 foot Class A's ?
Need all the advice I can get.


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Re: Class A's; Gas or Diesel ?

Ok depending on where you place your foot your mileage can vary on gas from 4 to 9 mpg. In the old days diesel was worth the cost. Not now days. Some die hard diesel people are telling me if it gets much higher they may be tempted to trade in for gas. IMHO I think the only advantage I find with diesel is the additional weight one may carry and pull over the gas.
RE: Class A's; Gas or Diesel ?

I won't comment on diesel vs gas, but I will say whoever told you a gasser will need rebuilding at 30-35k is 'guessing'. I have seen engines run well over 100k miles. Mine is a 454 and its got 32000 and I expect will go a lot more, just good mtc is necessary, I believe.



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Re: Class A's; Gas or Diesel ?

Whether you buy the GM Vortec engine or the Ford Triton, V-10 engine it will run just fine for at least 100K and probably more than 150K as long as it receives proper care and maintenance and is not abused. I don't believe that I have ever heard of either of those engines needing to be rebuilt in only 30K and in fact that same thing can be said for the older Ford 460 or GM 454. Those were also very good engines.

As to diesel, with the higher cost of diesel fuel now averaging about 50 cents/gallon or more, they won't save you much on fuel costs but they were never less expensive to own because of the $30K higher cost of the chassis over a gasser. Even with diesel costing less than gasoline they did not save the buyer any money. Where the diesels shine is that they do have much better torque for long, steep climbs, they usually have air brakes which have advantages over hydraulic ones and they usually have an air ride which is the very best possible ride for a motorhome. They used to have more CCC, but that is not true today in general. And they still cost at least $30K more for motorhomes of equal quality.


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Re: Class A's; Gas or Diesel ?

Another advantage of diesel is that you can get the engine in the rear where it is as far from the driver as possible and leaves a cleaner floor plan, and the generator is in the front as far from the bed as possible.

Again, nice, but is it worth the extra price to you?

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Re: Class A's; Gas or Diesel ?

With a Motorhome the advantage of diesel is now limited to the extra torque for climbing hills. You will never drive it far enough to re-coup the extra cost in better milage. Especially at the cost of diesel now.

With a pickup the advantage may still go to the diesel only because you will drive the pickup for years and 200 to 300 K miles at an extra cost of $7/8 K. Besides you need a diesel in a pickup to haul the large RV's.
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Oh DL, you just like the smell of your smoke. I must admit, my cummins smoke smells better than cat smoke!!
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Thanks to all of you !! Now I jusy have to find the right coach. I love the Pace Arrows, and I've seen a few Allegro's that look fine as well. I rented a Damon Daybreak, but was very disappointed in the quality of the hardware and fixtures. And man was it noisy !!