Class B issues in general


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Maybe I can get something started here, maybe not. There are not many of us who use Class B motor homes, and from the inventory on dealer lots I would judge that more and more people are buying big rigs.

I have owned two VW campers, two Ford vans I built insides for myself, a Ford Van Coachmen camper, two truck campers (even smaller space and storage than a Class B) and now I own a Chinook Concourse. My wife and I are accustomed to small spaces. We have studied for years what we want to use for camping, and we always come back to a class B. Some issues:

Storage: This is not an issue unless you need to take stuff you may use only once per month. We take everything we need, and we sometimes shift things around to make room in one place or another.

Sleeping: We make up the bed every day. That means we put the bed up and away every day. It takes me about 30 seconds. No big deal.

Moving around: If I put the German Shepherd outside, we can get the bed made up and ready for use, then let him back inside. If it's raining, we just try not to step on him.

What we take: Picnic supplies, outside burner, etc.; clothes for one week; leveling boards, chemicals, bicycle helmets and supplies; two bicycles; a german shepherd and his food; our food; toys, including computers and cameras. When the dirty clothes bin gets full, we wash.

We have room to spare.


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RE: Class B issues in general

The $14.5 billion-a-year RV industry earned near record revenues in 2006 (as measured by the retail value of RV wholesale shipments).
Revenue up 14% , the biggest seller. TT & Diesel powered class B motorhomes.
The class B industry has seen this type of rise in sales & popularity since 2002.
I second that!


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Re: Class B issues in general

I agree, does not take long to make the bed or clean up, as for our dog just sit him in the passenger seat, he is only 13 pounds, and he will go to sleep while we get everything ready to go. Right now he just whines while the rv is in the yard.
Not much longer we hope before on the road again.

ms jackie, brodavid's wife


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Re: Class B issues in general

I just bought 2 months ago a winnebago lesharo 1987 gas 2.2, and here in canada it is fairly cold this time of year. Being a musician I enjoy it very much because it avoids me to travel late at night when i am tired. I am not so use to the space but i appreciate
rjann comments, i have a 10 pounds poodle and do and undoo the bed every day, he sits on the drivers seat in the mean time. I also met a man who own a similar vr, and what he did he took off the left seat behind the driver, and made himself a removable furniture with drawers and a clip on panel that he uses as a table, witch avoids him to put on and off the original table that you have to store on the support i get a very good mileage around 18 to 20 mpg, my mechanic showed me to shift my transmission in 2nd gear at 2500 rpm not to allow the motor to force, and that the ideal cruise speed is from 3000 to 3500 rpm so about 60 miles an hour speed. This is my first visit to your site I live in tremblant que. my name is jean and i say hello to everybody. i used to pull a 13 feet trailer now i own a vr and very happy off it.


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Re: Class B issues in general

Pinso, Quebec is one of my very favorite places to travel, when I can't go to France!
Bienvenu ici.


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Re: Class B issues in general

@rjann: Which floor plan of the Chinook Concourse do you have? I'm looking at a used 2006 (???) Concourse which has the dinette and couch. Last Saturday I had the time at the seller's lot put make the dinette into a bed and the couch into a bed and it filled the coach from sidewall to sidewall. Most interesting.


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Re: Class B issues in general

We have a lasharo phazar. we bought it last feb 07. We get between 15 and 17 mpg's. Our dog Manny a 10.5 chiwawa will also sleep as we get it ready to travel.
HE will run up to the door when we are leaving.He loves to travel in the home.
We follow a Canada band ETH or Enter the Haggis they play in the states often
We want to add a extra tank for distance our Mechanic has suggested we add a fuel line and a pump from our
generator's tank. That would add about 75 more miles. We now get approx 180 miles per tank so the extra 75 would help.
I did find external tanks the added 15 to 25 gallons BUT they were 1200 and more.


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Re: Class B issues in general

Hello rjfboylan,

I have a 2002 Concourse with the dinette, and yes, the king sized bed takes up the entire middle of the coach when you make it up. It took some getting used to, especially with my wife, myself, and our 90-lb German Shepherd Dog. He sleeps on the floor, and he has to move if someone needs the bathroom at night. But the advantages outweigh the inconveniences, for us at least. It is a very comfortable bed. It's easy to make up and put back (less than a minute). The Chinook is the highest quality camper we have ever owned by far, and we've owned more than our share of campers over the last 43 years.

Good luck on the 2006, the last year they were made. You can find many low-mileage Chinooks for sale, but most are 2005 or older. Have you checked ?