Class B Jayco battery question


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Hi - i also posted this in class B.

I bought a Jayco camper built on a 92 chevy g20 chasis.
It has an aux deep cycle battery to run 12 v fridge, vent fan & int lighting which is charged by main 12v system when driving & 110 v converter when plugged in. I think this battery needs replacing because it doesn't take much of a charge, but I haven't been able to locate it. Can anyone tell me where it is?

Thanks - Jim.


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Re: Class B Jayco battery question

It could be many places. I have seen class B batteries under the floor with access under a rear seat, under the passenger or driver seat, in the compartment with the generator, under the coach by the frame so that you had to crawl under to get to it. I have also seen it under the starting battery in the engine compartment. Some have them in outside compartments. If all else fails call jayco with model and vin and ask them.