Class C+ or class A disel


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New here.
Would like to thank everyone in advance for the help you will be giving in my "mid life crisis".
The wife and I are at the point of change.
Mostly work to mostly leisure.
Been reading and looking around the net about RV life.
We will be taking extended trips 1-3 months, or who knows.
Will be seeing the mountains, deserts, planes, whatever.
Thinking of a used 1-3yr unit hate paying extra just to smell the new.
Mostly we'll be carrying motorcycles, though occasionally a truck and boat.
My 1st question is how important is horsepower in diffrent terrains?
How much attention do you give to gvwr?
Have been looking on the net at the c+ dyancorp grandsports what is forum opinion of these?
They have all the load carrying capacity you could desire but are pricey.
I could get a nice class A pusher for less.
Sure there will be many more questions as we get further into this.
There will be a RV show in New Orleans soon want to have a good Idea of were to focus our attention and will be developing a list of things to gawk at.
Once again thanks for you're help now and in the future as I annoy you'll.


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Re: Class C+ or class A disel

It really isn't possible for one of us to tell you what you will like. There are advocates of any and all types of RV. You seem to know about the weight limits and that is critical to be able to carry or to tow things such as you hope to do. Make darned sure that you understand GVWR, GCWR, axle ratings and things like CCC and any other rating. Also, if you plan to install a rear lift, keep in mind that the lift will also add weight to the problem and the distance behind the rear axle will increase the effect on the loading issue.