Class C RV

Hi there! I am looking into buying a class c rv, but I can't find one that is less than 22'. Is there such an animal or I am barking up the wrong tree? Thanks in advance.
Tammi :)
Class C RV

Tammi, You might want to look at and check out their B+. I have a 29', but they have them down to 21'and are about the same size as a class C.
Class C RV

Tammi, you're in luck! There are small motorhomes out there, they're called Mini-Motorhomes. I own a 20 foot unit myself,which is for sale,listed on the "Find your RV" section. 404-433-9900 if interested, or just to talk. We've owned ours for 6 years, we can help you on your journey. Good Luck!