Classic B Vans group

Hi, I just posted this in General RVing, but thought I should put it here too.

I just started a group for owners and fans of the wide-body van conversion motorhomes of the 70's and 80's. If you own, or are interested in, Broughams, Transtars, Transmasters, and others of this type, please stop by. I've got some pictures up already, and am looking for contributions and discussion related to these classics, and other small RVs.

Thank you,

Hey Steve, I'm Jim. I was just given a 1979 Dodge Champion Transvan and will be gutting it and making it mine. I started by trying to look up the VIN# to start discovering my specs and had no luck at all. Most vin decodes only operate with 17 digit vin numbers and this year Transvan only has 13 digits. Any idea where to go for related info? Also, I will surely be looking for tips, tricks and hints from other "B" Van owners and enthusiasts so if you have any sites, forums or other groups a guy could hook up,with I'd love to know. It's already to late to take her to the Texas Motrospeedway NASCAR spring race but I'm hoping to take her to the fall race! Thanks Friend, I look forward to hearing from you.
Yes! "3" is the Man! I just got a 1979 Dogde Transvan and was hoping to make the Texas Motor Speedway NASCAR spring race but will have to go to the fall race with her instead.