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cant find anywhere to get a replacement part for my is an 89 winnibego cheiftan....anyone has any suggestions... it is the clearance light at front of is the type of light that just pushes on no turning of the light bulb....i am in the sunny okangan of bc canada...i have broken the base taking it out because the socket was already broken...are there any replacement parts out there....thanks
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If you look in the base, there should be a part number from Bargman. See what that is, but I think we have been here before with older Bargman lights. I expect you will have to replace yours with the newer version that is not quite a match.
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yes i saw that thread...but he rigged his up and i am unable to do that because i broke the assembly a bit and unable to rig mine was wondering if ever there is a new assembly to retro fit these even with the new led lights...also i cant find a part number on the base at all...thanks for the help...
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You will have to replace the base and lens. It is not a big deal. You could go to a Wal-mart or an auto store and take what they have or go to someone like me who has a catalog that has a lot to choose from.
We can choose a style that closely resembles what you have. They won't cost more than $4.00-6.00 each (LED will be more), so you might want to change all of them. When these lights get old, the plastic is easily broken and hard to keep working.

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I was the one who rigged mine and it worked ok, but I did not have to replace the base, only the bulb holder part. I'd check at some junk yards to see if there just might be a wrecked unit that has parts. Might have to check at several places, but worth a try if you want one to match the rest of them. Godd luck.... :cool: ;)