coach battery woes

coach battery woes

Hi Hertig, Yes, it does. I don't know what part of the country your 10-9 is but they should go by the same product name. Some are denoted as "voltage chaser"('s) , "short" finders, but as close as I can recall mine was called a "VOLTAGE HOUND". I used to employ them top ensure <>880v panels were "No Power" prior to testing,R&R of components or opening for inspection as a fail-safe. I and my children's mother are departing on a ride to Florida today and I'll check on brand and availability/location when I get back and email you the information.Two Dogs
coach battery woes

Hi Archer, It is nominally described as an "ELECTRIC MULTI-METER" w/clamps to determine amperage/current flow in wires, also how much voltage prescence in wires, batteries, ground effectiveness, continuity of circuit(to eliminate searchs for shorts between beginning and end of circuit.). It will need to have the AMPERAGE CLAMP(recall, "finger and thumb touching" appearance feature have the best effectiveness. These are available at HARBOR FREIGHT stores (at abt $20~40.00/less if on sale,if you have one locally) OR at any viable electrical wholesale or commercial vending site. Basically, it does a multitude of functions, hence...the normal safety prohibitions have need of attention. Be certain the one you select has REPLACEABLE fuse test circuits and get a few extra fuses for it as in starting out most low experience folk will test for resistance in live circuits(use the voltage hound first and de-power the circuit)and/or find primary power to ground circuits, so read the nomenclature carefully and get a basic electric guide for your MH/RV have your dealer rep or someone knowledgeable in elec diagrams/schematics to hi-lite the power systems and you should be able to proceed w/your trouble shooting in emergency circumstances. It is very important to be aware that some folks sensitivities to elec. shock are greater than others, even if it's low amperage. javascript:insertsmilie(' :dead: ')
Dead :dead: It is the amperage that kills, NOT the voltagejavascript:insertsmilie(' :dead: ')
Dead :dead: . You can write to the forum 'cause I'm reckoning that there are more skilled and better qualified than myself that have yet to be included, Two Dogs


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coach battery woes

Two Dogs,
tks for the info, appreciate it. I'm careful with electric and will never try something unless I've got someone right beside me that has been there, done that. :approve: ;)
coach battery woes

Archer, javascript:insertsmilie(' :blush: ')
Blush :blush: Had to beat the snowstorm thru Tejas on Fla ret trip.
I will call the vendors tomorrow regarding the "VOLTAGE HOUND"(prices, availability and forward the data to you thru this site. Two Dogs
coach battery woes

:blush: Archer, Sorry abt the delay.
The items I was referring to are indeed 2 separate units
1. Is a voltage detector, referred to as such and as a voltage hound. Presently at "" they are still fairly inexpensive ($4.00 and up).

2. Is an electric multi-meter w/amperage ("tongs")to clamp around any line/wire to find if current is present in the line and will also provide values of battery life/state of charge and voltage. This item is available from Harbor Freight from abt $5 and up. I hope this helps you.Two Dogs :cool:


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coach battery woes

Two Dogs, I searched all over the GRAINGER.COM site, and I could not find the voltage hound. They had several 'voltage detectors', but they were all AC only. Can you provide a make/model number for the 'hound'?

coach battery woes

Hertig, Besides, Grainger, most of the electrical supply outlets have them here in Central NM/Albuquerque.
They are denoted as voltage detectors in Grainger. I think they are included past the pages of 1102 and further for a few pages. Are there any Graingers near you?
:approve: these little faces just tickle me. Anyway, write me and tell me your gen geographic area and I'll try to pick one for you local so you can give a run around the pasture and see if that particular one will work for you. I called Grainger here and found that the moniker the unit used to go by is no longer stocked...but they stock a number of functionally similar items. I'll try to go to their inet catalog and pick a similar one and post the stock/page#'s and you might have to do the hands-on to see which one will work best for you.Two Dogs
coach battery woes

HERTIG, I called up Grainger. Page 1107. The Greenlee multi function instrument Stk#6JG69 will perform the basic functions we discussed earlier. This inst. is $11.09 plus shipping and differentiates between live current carrying wires and grounded or no current carrying wires.
Basically will tell you if the wire has juice in it or not.
Then, you can more complex by loading down the plastic fun card a mite heavier with types of adjustable sensitivity :shy: . Thence enabling one to trace a wire's insulation thickness to find thin or absent insulation by running it down a particular wire until it sqweeks or buzzes showing the spot or area. :laugh: One caveat is that all/most rvs have 12v DC AND 110/120v AC systems. These inst's are intended for use on the 110 and higher voltage mostly, but an innovative and crafty person ;) can try them in various scenarios and get the type of registrations/readings and interpret them for the information that would help you resolve the sort of problems Maggie had w/their handsome class A. I hope this helps you. If you come thru Alb. some time email me up and I'll show some procedures, for different approaches. Have you acquired a RV Repair and Maintenance Manual by Bob Livingston? If not, get the 4th ed. It is very thorough and approaches the problems from a moderate experience level on trouble shooting, problem id and such. More like a military reference manual.Two Dogs
coach battery woes

this is all good reading , guys keep it up .
Got to make another pot of coffee just to stay up and read all this. Before my next trip outting :approve: