Just bought my first RV. I can't wipe the smile off my face. Nothing like having your wife get you a cold drink and make a sandwich while going down the road.

I think I did pretty good on the deal. Its a 1996 Coachman with 30000 miles, 19 footer on a GMC 3500 frame with a 5.7 litre motor. Its got roof air,awning and onan 2500 generator. Got it for $14000.

If anybody on this forum has this model I would be most thankful if you can tell me any problems I should be aware of and what kind of gas mileage I can expect to get
Please keep the class b site up


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My Father has an 86 Coachmen and he loves it to death i don't think he'll give it up for anything. I'm a big fan of them too I love how you can take them anywhere you don't have to worry about parking and such. Good luck and happy motoring. :laugh:

I just got a 1979 GMC coachmen too! for free.i had to put a master cylinder in it and replace all the brake lines in the front,also all the fuel lines.and rebuild the had been sitting for 5 years.i drove it back from melbourne fl to lake mary,75 miles,it did ok an was good on gas,this one has the 400 in it.i have about $200 in it now.the interior got wet from the ceiling leaking.the cheap particle board on part of the floor is rotten,some paneling about the 6'2" an the ceiling is 5'8" im gonna cut the top off and raise it up a foot.i plan on keeping this one for along time.ill redo it all an do some custom paint work on it.i have a web site,ill have a section there with pics as i progress along on it,im gonna try an get it ready for this comming treasure season which is in the thing great about coachmen inc.i called them up an asked if they had a owners manual for this model,they said yes an sent it to me,no charge,thats pretty good for a relic like this.i got it in the mail today.