Coachmen Brookstone


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Brake issues, slide stopped working due to unsafe wiring, black tank leaks spilling *** on the ground when trying to remove the cap, flooring coming up, underbelly holes, AC causes water condensation on the roof, doors don't latch. Shall I continue, I can keep going.. Brand new deler inspection was useless, all about inventory. Quality is 0.

I had to spend three hours tracing an electrical issue on motorhome to find that the wiring was a chaotic mess. Unsafe conditions and almost left us stranded. In addition the side slide bends like no other, it flexes several inches and screws pop out. Totally amazed of the over marketing to diffuse the lack of quality.

C Nash

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Is this a brand new unit?? Sounds like it may have been in a flood or something. Have you contacted Coachman? What are the brake issues? What was the unsafe wiring? What type flooring? Sounds like you may could file on the Lemon Law. Keep us posted and welcome to the forum. If dealer fails to come through post who they are. Well if they do as they should also post. Good luck