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Hi all,
Got a maybe dumb question. Where is the best place to look for a fifth wheel and truck combo? We have been thinking of selling the Class A and looking at buying a fifth wheel but I'd need to buy a truck to pull it (mine is too small, (1500), so thought it would be smart to buy the entire rig maybe. I've seem them for sale in the past but can't remember where I saw them......any ideas???? :)


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RE: Combo Fiver/Truck

Hi ARCHER, Maybe get on line and check PPL Motor homes in Houston. I have seen a couple there in the past. I'll ask our friend at Holiday World to keep his eyes open too. See some on the road every now and then. How big a 5th wheel you looking for? Will keep our eyes open. :cool:

C Nash

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Re: Combo Fiver/Truck

Archer, You can goggle truck and fifth wheel combo and find some. Rv Trader have combos listed most of the time.


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Re: Combo Fiver/Truck

I would not look for combos specifically; it is always possible that the pair being sold is not really a good match. It might be better to do an 'iterative' process, where you look at fifth wheels and decide what you want, then (before buying it) look for a truck which can pull it, and once you find a truck (again before buying it) make sure that combination is right then buy them both.

If you do decide to go for a combo, do all the homework to be sure they really belong together.

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Re: Combo Fiver/Truck

Archer, I think Hertig has the right idea. It would probably be a good idea to determine the size and type 5th Wheel you want and then size the truck. I've seen a few combos in TrailerLife but not very many.
I do know where you might find a decent 5er. Go to USA RV Search RVs for Sale. There is a 2004 Carriage Compass that has never been used. Still has the plastic sheeting on the carpets. Seems the sellers 87 year old Aunt was talked into buying it by older (now deceased) boyfriend. It would need new tires, but may be a good deal. He's asking $25 K. Only problem is it is located up by Boston, Ma.

I thought about buying it, but as soon as I showed interest he upped the price in the ad to $26.5 K. That was about a month ago. He has since lowered it back to $25 K. Not sure if he will deal. I'm just not ready to buy. I think a good price would be about $22 K. If the RV is as good as advertized.

See my post: Towables---Found a Good Buy.