condensation on windows

Hi to the forum. My husband & I just bought a 2005 Coachman Capri travel trailer and used it for the first time last weekend. It was cool, rainy and windy, and our windows had condensation on the inside. We put on our small electric heater and that didn't clear it up. Some of the condensation was dripping on the pillows near the window. Does anyone have any solutions for this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.

Gary B

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condensation on windows

Hi gigimom, welcome to the forum and to rving, thats one of the side effects of winter /cold weather camping, there are a few things you can do that will help, when cooking ues the range hood fan, crack the over head vents some and when showering open the vent some and run the bathroom vent fan some. Or you can go to a dryer climate like Az (just kidding). Good luck and happy camping. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
condensation on windows

Too late to buy thermopane windows... you might try the heat shrink plastic film storm windows, or invest in a de-humidifier.
condensation on windows

Besides cracking the upper vents open a a bit a couple of things to consider:

1. Buy a small squeegie and periodically (like before going to bed) wipe the water off the windows. This way they have to start again from a dry state before condensing up again

2. Up here in Alaska we have a special type of insulation which is a cross between thin bubble wrap and aluminum foil. I forget the name of it--we usually use it in the summer to darken the inside of the RV enough that we can sleep (one undesirable consequence of 20+ hours of summer daylight). If you have the kind of RV curtains that are fastened to a track or something at the bottom, then you can insert the insulation between the window and the curtain, and the curtain will hold it in place. You can't see through this particular type of insulation, so you remove and roll it up during the day. As room darkening doesn't seem to be a concern for you, you could probably even experiment with clear bubble wrap.

Condensation is caused by two things. You have warm moist air (which Gary's suggestion of opening the roof vents a little will help dissipate) contacting a cold surface. Window glass is a lousy thermal insulator, so your windows are the coldest surface inside your trailer; but stagnant air (like what is found between thermal window panes, in bubble wrap, or inside foam/fiberglass/blown insulation) is a pretty good one.
condensation on windows

Thanks everyone for your help....We did open the top vents a little and it took quite a while for the windows to clear even a little bit...Gary,I live in Florida and we camp mostly with a club around the State, but always wanted to go to Arizona. Funny you should say that. LOL. I guess we'll have to put up with the little bit of cool weather we get down here. Love this board and everyone seems so helpful, keep up the good work.