condensation questions

[] Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep water from forming in closets and cupboards in the colder weather? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Nancy
condensation questions

[bob t] open the doors, remember warm air rises, if trapped, will condensate, which is what you have. Open the doors & let the air circulate. Hope this helps

bob t
condensation questions

[Gary B] Hi Nancy, you could get a dehumidifer and run that in your RV, I have a couple of them in my shop up here in MN during the summer, they remove a lot of water from the air. Good luck GB
condensation questions

[Brian] They are a couple easy ways to combat this problem. First the main question I have is do you live in it? The burning of propane creates moisture in the air. So the heavy users I can only suggest some Air dryer that can be found in most RV dealers. If this is purely a recreatinal vechicle then I would suggest Dri-z-air crystals. This should help if you have any further questions contact me at I can help in anyway possible.