Connecting/disconnecting battery for storage


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I have been disconnecting my battery and moving the whole battery box inside when I put my ECO travel trailer in storage. This procedure is reversed when we take the camper out of storage. The problem I have is that there does not seem to be anyway to cut-off the 12 volt current when I want to disconnect/connect the battery. The result is an arc/spark at the battery terminal. It would be no big deal, except that the CD player is connect to the circuit with an in-line fuse. This blows every time. There are also 12 volt fuses in the panel, but they seem to be fine. Does anyone else have this problem?


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RE: Connecting/disconnecting battery for storage

Hi, I am new at this also. I was reading on the same subject cause I wanted to disconnect my battery box and there is a warning label in my manual that states: disconnect positive first then negative. Not sure if that will solve the problem but it worked for me. For re-connecting it states: negative first then positive. Hope this helps.

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Re: Connecting/disconnecting battery for storage

Marshall, it sounds like your CD player is actually the item with the problem. It has too high of an on-surge current for the size of fuse that is in it. I would change the fuse to a slo-blo style of fuse and see if that stops the fuse blowing. Is it possible that the fuse in the CD player has been replaced with an incorrect size?

There's really no difference between disconnecting the battery cable and operating a master disconnect switch unless you wobble and chatter the battery cable on the battery post. That would make-and-break the circuit several times which could possibly cause the surge problem.

Just bring that battery cable end up to the post and go for the connection as if you were going for the last donut in the box! :clown: