Considering purchase of used Pinnacle 33 ft.


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I'm thinking of buying a used Pinnacle (Mountain High Coachworks) 33 ft. gas model. It has 20k miles, is a 1999 model, and seems to have been kept quite well. I need to tow horses to shows (2 horse bumper pull trailer, 6K lbs.) Can anyone give me any info that might help me one way or the other in my decision? The price is good (I think) at $50k. Also, I've never owned an RV, so I'm a newbie.

The engine is a Ford V-10 with Banks written on it, and I know Mountain High went out of business (bad omen?). Any comments would be appreciated. Again, it's my family's first time venturing into this wonderful RV world!!!!! Thanks :laugh:

Gary B

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Considering purchase of used Pinnacle 33 ft.

Hi Pinnacle33, I can't find any information on 1999 models, NADA says they only made mh's in 2000 & 2001, and nothing on a 33' but anyway a 31' 2000 model year has a high blue book of approx $53000.00, the banks option/add on is about $2500.00 so it sounds like a good deal. Towing 6K is problay going to put you over GCWR. Good luck in your search. :) :approve: