having trouble with converter. 2004 keystone challenger 5th. with unit on110v and charged battery everything works. battery goes dead. battery has been inspected and is ok. what process of elimination can i use to isolate the problem.9 battery, converter,fuses,etc. thanks for the help
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Sounds like the converter is not charging the battery. You need to unhook the battery and with a volt meter check the voltage coming to the battery off the cables. You should have 13.5-14 volts. Much less, the battery will not charge properly.


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How old is the batt. and did they do a full load test on it ,, the load test needs to be done with more than half of the amps ,, it's rated for ,,, also does it go dead as soon as u remove u'r power???
We need some more input ,, if u don't mind :approve: ;) :)
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Yes also do as he says ,, ck the converter ,, sorry being in the rv repair bussiness ,, we tend to look at the BIG ENTIRE picture ,, that way we make money charging u for it ,, hey sorry ,, i'm just kidding around ,, do as stated above by both of us :blackeye: ;) :) :) :approve:
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battery holds charge when disconnected. purchased 9/07.will do the test with bat. disconnected and give update. thanks for now
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when my converter went bad, I disconnected battery and the converter was sending 8.5 volts to the battery. I then pulled all the 12 volt fuses to make sure something was not pulling my voltage down and it still read 8.5 volts. I ordered replacement converter and did the job myself. Made a lot of notes on the wiring first and the replacment fit the opening perfect. Hate to say this because of the two answers above but dueing the work my self save a whole lot of money. Took about an hour to due. good luck