Copper Canyon Travel Trailer

We have just started looking seriously a travel trailers. The trailer that we are most interested in is a Sprinter Copper Canyon, by Keystone. We are interested in anyone's comments on these trailers, either positive or negative.

We are starting out looking well in advance of when we actually plan to buy. For over 20 years, we've been looking forward and planning to travel after retirement. I will be eligible for early retirement in a little under a year and will do so if we can swing it financially. At any rate, we plan to buy right after I retire and want to be well prepared and knowledgeable, well in advance of the actual purchase. Any helpful comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Copper Canyon Travel Trailer

we have shopped for the last 4 months and kept coming back to the Sprinter. We just bought the Copper Canyon 2491rks and are pretty excited. We'll let you know what we think in a month.
i'd be interested in other peoples comments too.
Copper Canyon Travel Trailer

I don't know anything about any particular model. I just would urge you to get a little experience before you make a large investment in something that you may end up not caring for. In other words if you haven't ever been a camper I would recommend getting your feet wet before diving in. Welcome to the forum. There are lots of good folks on here that I learn a lot from.