Cost To Fulltime

Cost To Fulltime

[john] Cetainly is a hard question to answer. In our last year of RVing we stayed at campgrounds that cost from $60 to $300 per month, some that were $10 per day, some that were $50+(FortWilderness) per day. And I&#039m sure some of these a lot of people would not be pleased with. And it depends on how much you move around because;(1) fuel is not cheap, (2)weekly/monthly rates are a lot cheaper than one night stands ((??)). I can&#039t separate gifts to grandchildren from dining out and truck service but can say we spent pretty close to $30000 excluding payments for truck/fifth wheel. That help? Probably not. But one thing to note, I&#039ve heard more than one say "this sure isn&#039t a way to save money".
Cost To Fulltime

[Art] The cost of fulltiming will be different for each person. It depends on your spending habits that you have developed over a lifetime. Some people eat out a lot, others don&#039t. Some like movies and theater, others don&#039t. Some spend a lot on tobacco or alcohol, you get the idea.

We (three of us) full timed in 1998 and 1999. If you would like to see a spreadsheet of what we actually spent, go to:
and select "Fulltiming Expenses".

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