Cracked Class C cab roof

Has anyone heard of cracks developing in the metal cab roof of a Class C in the area where the forward bunk overhang meets the cab roof. The unit is a 22' on an F-350 chassis and less than 5 yrs old?
Cracked Class C cab roof

I assume that the material that is cracked is Fibreglass. Did it get hit inside with a heavy object? Did a major pot hloe cause it? Did it get bumped on the outside by a low tree limb? It could happen! Do you have any pics of it to share with me? I am courious to see it. I am a C-Class owner myself. DEAN

C Nash

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Cracked Class C cab roof

Sounds like you may have some water damage which could weaken the front overhang. Sure hope not.
Cracked Class C cab roof

Hi Dean, and thanks for your response. The cracks are in the sheet metal of the cab roof directly over the driver's head. They appear to be caused by the relative movement of the cab in relation to the motorhome body. The unit is in immaculate condition and has never been bumped or in an accident. My dilemma is that it is at a bodyshop who are unsure of how to fix it. They feel it is a poor design. The manufacturer claims they have never seen this problem before.
I don't think I can send photos to this forum, but if you want to email me privately, I can send you a couple.
Cracked Class C cab roof

Sounds like the weight of the overhang is causing your roof to "oilcan" and therby work hardening the metal. Seen this phenomenon with several slide-ins when the folks bought this cute little inflatable innertube looking thing to take out the bouncing of their overhang.