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We bought a 2003 Winnebago Class C from Crestwood RV in April 2003. During the first year a crack developed in the cab over across the entire outside. The unit was returned to Crestwood in the fall of 2003 for repair. After 8 weeks (way too long) we got the unit back. Although the repair was made it was clearly visible that a repair was made. In October 2006 we noticed that the crack appeared again. We were instructed to return the unit to Crestwood to see what Winnebago would do. After a few weeks the service manager called and asked if we would be happy with a decorative molding placed over the crack to cover it up. You can imagine our answer. He relpied that he would contact Winnebago get authorization for repair. In December (second week ) We called the service department and were told that the repair had not been completed and that it would be in the shop the next week. After Christmas I tried to call Crestwood and could not get through. I had the local police check if anything was wrong. I live quite a distance away so a personal visit was not in the cards at that time. I finally got through to Crestwood on Jan 6, 2007 and was told that they were reorganizing and the unit would be in for repair in two days. The next week I received a call from Crestwood to come and pick up my vehicle, that the repairs were not done and that I needed to get it out of there immediately as they were out of business. I placed a call to Winnebago who had a record of the repair in 2003 but did not show any coorespondence with Crestwood as to this service item. The RV had been at Crestwood for 4 months. I was lied to many times, and had false promises made. Finally I picked up the vehicle unrepaired and took it to another Winnebago Dealer in another state. I see that Crestwood is back in business now - still advertising having been in business since 1967. How interesting. Anyone who buys or deals with them should be very careful, They are not honest - in fact deceitful. Winnebago was very helpful in my situation and the unit is being repaired - No thanks to the dealer. Manufacturers should screen their dealers and audit them more often. Case in point.
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Yeah, I know a Crestwood here in Texas that I KNOW this poster isn't talking about.

Too bad that traditionally these posts are just shotgunned all over the internet. The poster may never come back to see these replies.
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Thanks richro
Texas is correct, a lot of posters come here, ask questions, get answers, and never come back.
Also, most posters here have not filled out their location in their profile. Just like you did, posts are made about about certain things and we don't know where the location is. I would like to see the forum moderator make the "location" in the profile page a required field.

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Thank you, and I know I am a long way from NY that I dont have to worry, but I will put them on my chit list so when I travel I never use their service for service. LOL