cross country first time

me and 3 of my friends want to travel acroos th US from New york to los angeles, we wanted to know what would be the approximate time scale, we were hoping to nevver stay in any camp for more than one night and dont mind travelling for long periods. We are from the UK so its hard to percieve length of journey, just wondered if u could offer us estimates and any other suggestion or tips you have..... thanks guys
cross country first time

Why the big hurry? This is a gorgeous country and if you are seeing it for the first time take it low and slow. Suggest you stay off of the interstates if possible if you really want to see the country and get to know the people. You can rush it in 5 days or take a lifetime to savor it. Enjoy your trip :) :laugh:
cross country first time

;) New York to LA seems to be 4,476KM. If you assume a road speed of 100Kph, I make that 45hours. Doesn't sound like much of a holiday.

Once your on the interstate highway system it should be possible to drive the whole trip without seeing a stop sign or a stop light. Speed limits seem to range from 55mph to 70 mph or 90 to 110Kph. Quite a trip. :dead: :dead:

:approve: Slow down, take it easy and spend a few days along the way. What was it you really hoped to see while your over here?? :question: