crossroads cruiser fifth


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I am thinking of buying a new cruiser cf29ck fifth wheel. I have a 2000 gmc 3/4 ton with a 6.0 and 3:73 rear end. Is anyone pulling a similar unit with a similar truck? Also has anyone ever dealt with rv wholesalers out of ohio? I would like to here comments on cruiser as well. :question:

DL Rupper

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Re: crossroads cruiser fifth

Hey redboine, welcome to the forum. How much does the 5th wheel weigh and what is your truck's rated tow capacity? That should answer your question. Don't try to tow more than the towing capacity of your truck. Yes you can get it down the road, but it may not stop adequately or may damage your driveline, or chassis if it is significantly over your rated capacity. Also, it sounds like your truck is a gasser. If thats the case, you may have significant trouble on steep grades, especially with a 3.73 rear end. Some dealer's will tell you anything to get you to buy. :eek: