Cummins Milage

I've been towing about 5000 miles per year for the past few years now with my rig (see signature) throughout the western states. With the escalating fuel prices, I am very happy with the milage I've been averaging. Uphill down hill, it doesn't matter. I can easily pass on any hill towing at over 70mph if necessary. I was wondering what other RV'rs of similar rigging are getting, Diesel or Gas.

City 21 mpg
Towing 17 mpg @ 16,000 lb. GCWR


DL Rupper

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I have a 2003 Reg cab, 4x2 (light weight) Dodge CTD. I get 23 highway, 19 town, and 11mpg towing 12K. Oh, by the way mine is a older 3.73 manual trans 6spd that has high gears in the 6th gear (newer 06 models the 6spd isn't as high geared as the 4spd auto). Is the 17mpg towing calculated manually or computer?
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DL, don't want to burst your bubble, and remember I say nothing against Dodge, but he is towing a light weight 26' trailer. He is saying his GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) is 16,000. I don't think he weighs that much. His truck weighs about 6500lb. and I would guess his trailer weighs less than 6,000. Your mileage towing 12,000lb. is pretty accurate. YOU are pushing 18,500lb. on the scale. That is what I get, towing and weighing, the same as you.
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Hey DL, Mine is the High Output model w/4sd auto and I am just looking at the onboard computer. Sounds like we are in the ballpark. I drive 80mph around town like a madman.

I always say, if you don't like the way I'm driving, then stay off of the sidewalks!

I drive in the LA/OC area at odd hour (4AM) and you have to go 80 or get passed and become an "obsitcle".
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Grandview- I stand corrected as I had pulled those numbers off the top of my head. I went back and looked at my CAT Scales cert. I did a few years back and it weighed in at 11,800 GCVW witth the truck unloaded and the trailer dry. I usually put about 200 pounds of stuff in it so you were right on.

Yeah DL, I do love my truck, but I've had it in the shop for two warranty jobs so far. Fuel pump went out and the rack & pinion unit too. Didn't cost me anything but a rental, but it just shouldn't happen. Fortunetly, both times were in town and I was not towing.

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Hey Grandview, you should have seen what I wrote the first time before I figured out routabit was talking combined weight and I was talking trailer weight. I thought he was full of---well you know. Then I decided he was probably right on and was a good old Dodge owner.

Hey routabit, too bad about your problems. I was doing real good on not having any problems so far with my "03"until I discovered my backup lights are both out. Hope it's something simple like a fuse. Haven't checked it out yet since I'm old enough I don't do well driving at night so I'm not too concerned yet.
I've had 2 Dodge CTDs and have been well pleased. I like your Dodge emblem. Looks good.