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I am in need of instructions on retying day/nite shades in our motorhome. They are in very good shape and can not afford to buy new ones. Hope someone out there can help me. Also need instructions on putting up the center arm on our A&E awning. Model # 930039-500B

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RE: day/nite shades

i was told to use spray starch, when they are down spray with starch, push up to make accordian shades tight until they dry. this is for the type that are night/day shades. hope this helps, also they said to do it monthly to keep shape., i have a 2005 coach house platium.

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Re: day/nite shades

I wish I could help you. I have a customer who took his apart and figured it out, but it took him all weekend, with the shade on his workbench. I can tell you he did not use spray starch.

Center arm needs to be located near center. Does not have to be dead on. You need to avoid windows, appliance openings, etc. You also need to locate a stud in the wall of the unit you are working on. Mount the top bracket so it gives you a little lift when you level the radius saddle section. There should be an aluminum plate about 4 x 6 to mount this on if you cannot mount high enough to get on a stud. The arm should swing down at a 90 degree angle and the lower bracket be mounted in the stud found earlier. This holds the weight of the awning, so make sure. Lastly, open the awning and mark the distance from one of the arms, SAME as the top bracket is from the same arm. Drill a 3/8 hole in the tube, center (up and down) so the pin goes in to anchor the arm. When you work the handle on the arm, it should tighten the fabric. This is very abbreviated from the instructions from A&E, but I hope it helps.