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Am taking my Irvine Day/Nite shades in for cleaning and have some info fow whoever is interested. Have a 1999 Thor Komfort 26F with nine shades of various sizes and am doing the whole thing at once. Some points I have learned:
1- All the screws on my valances are US#2 which makes it somewhat easy to get out with a Skil driver and extension bit, had no problem here.
2- Once the valances have been removed the best (make that the ONLY) way of getting the blind racks off the window is to loosen (unhook)the spools from the wall and bend the rack up in front, they pop right off the clamps. (WARNING: DO NOT try to take them off without loosening the spools, the clamps will break before the racks pop).
3- I found the best way of holding the blinds up was by putting rubber bands around them, does a real good job. UNTIE the string ends from the spools and try to maintain the same lengths on both ends, it will save grief when you reinstall them.
4- The best place to get them cleaned is thru either private service or recommendations. The best price we got was a flat $12.50 a drape and it is taking about five days, total cost was around $130.00 which included repair on two of the blinds.
6- We are reinstalled the blinds ourselves after contacting Irvine Blind and getting six of those plastic spools along with a dozen of the end plugs, they came off and were somehow lost. Irvine is also sending us instructions on re- threading along with a quantity of thread they included, all at no cost! :)
7- This is a ton cheaper than taking them in to an RV repair facility, best price we got there was $420 for all nine drapes.

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Just broke one yesterday. @#$%&*. We usually RV along until we come across a company that will fix them. We have found 2 in CA, 1 in TX, 1 in OR, 1 in OH,. As you can see we have broken many of the strings over the 14 years we have full-timed. It usually costs about $50 to have them re-strung. Well worth it. I have some instructions in my computer on how to repair and will see if the Web site is referenced. It looked to complicated for me to attempt. :laugh:


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We have solved the blinds in our bedroom in the same way as Dennis. We can actually get air with the blinds down now! The ones in living quarters are next!
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Finally I can post on a subject that I know something about. We have the day night shades and will be replacing them with slimline venetians which I manufacture.If you are ordering these go straight to a manufacturer and cut out the middle mans profit. With the drop of your blind you will be paying for a minimum drop and most RV windows are only short.Get the factory to put 10 extra slats in the bottom ladder of each blind to use as spares in case of accidental damage.They should not charge you or if they do it should be only minimal as the cost of a slat is only a couple of cents.Make sure they give you hold down brackets with them to prevent movement.Shorten the plastic wand and cords after you instal to get the correct lengths. Most bent slats occur with cleaning or by pets so if you have damage you only need to undo the knotted cord and slip out the bad slats and move up the spares. Regards from DOWN UNDER . BIG BILKO :) :cool: :) :)