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I just bought my first RV. It is a 1985 holiday rambler, imperial 33. My question is, When I parked it last night I put the fridge to run on LP. This morning i went out to start it and the batteries were dead. Is it possible that I ran out of LP and the fridge was running on just the batteries? How long should I be able to run the fridge only on LP?


RE: dead bateries

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U'r fridge works on both batt. and propane ,, it takes the batt to ignite the propane ,, so if they go dead then it will not light ,, on the other hand if u have a three way fridge ,, it should switch to ac when gas is not avail...
I would ck u'r house batteries and see how old they are ,,, do that and post us back on the other's.. bty what brand of fridge do u have ????
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As far as runnign on lp ,, it depends on how much u had to begin with ,, if a fridge is cold already ,, it won't take much to keep it cold ,, but agian post us back,,,,


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Re: dead bateries

There can be significant draw in RV's even when 'everything' is off.

First check the batteries. How old are they? Are they full of water and fully charged? When that is the case, see how long they stay charged. If it does not seem they are providing power as long as you might think they should, you can put an amp meter in line and see what the current draw is with 'everything' off. Or you can just disconnect the ground wire and see if that changes the charge life.

Note that for longest battery life, try not to discharge them much more than 50% before recharging.