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Has anyone ever looked into a deeded lot as a home base. On the surface, it doesn't look too bad of an idea. I see where there is also long term leases. Just courious about the "fine print".


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Re: deeded lots

I own a deeded lot in Michigan at an RV Resort. Have owned it for a number of years. Since we have children and grandchildren in the area we keep it. I could use it as a home base with a PO Box and it has a legal address also. What you need to look at are the extra's that come with ownership. Since I own a motorhome I don't have to pay the "fee" that was put in place for people who have park models or trailers on their sites. My site is also accessed as vacant property for tax purposes so people who have park models pay higher taxes. It is a beautiful resort with a lot of activities during the summer. There is also a maintenance fee for trash pick up, lawn cutting, water, and swimming pool maintenance that amounts to almost $900.00 a year. Which isn't bad considering the services they provide.

So when you are checking out a deeded lot for a home base make sure you check all the cost.

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RE: deeded lots

Deeded lots are nice for people who don't like to travel much. As soon as you purchase a deeded lot, you feel compelled to get your moneys worth of use out of it. Hence, you tend to go/stay there all the time. A mail forwarding service provides a cheap home base for establishing an address and leaves you free to see the USA. Also, as soon as you buy a deeded lot that State will want taxes and the RV Park will want maintenence fees. Home base lots work best for people that feel they need to own to give them a good secure fuzzy feeling. They would be best served by keeping their home and RV'ing whenever. Most fulltimers figure home is where they are parked for the night. The RV is their Home Base wherever it is parked. The question is best answered by what you want and need to make you feel good/secure.