Designing my own 5th floorplan

Grandview, you'd probably know this better than anyone else. I have a specific design I want for a 5th wheel. I still haven't found that certain one that meets all the criteria I want. So, I took a plan and tweaked it to fit my idea of my ideal floor plan. Do the manufacturers take a design based on the customers wants and make the 5th wheel to fit? If so, do they charge extra for it?

Here’s what I want:

Livingroom up front - 2 slides
Kitchen next – 2 slide
1/2 bath with washer/dryer next
Then Bedroom, no windows around bed – 1 slide
Then full Bath in back.

I took a 40' plan and changed it up a bit. I’ll add the picture later, it’s not on my laptop right now.

Any assistance would be appreciated. We’d like to buy one within the next year if we can get exactly what we want.
Designing my own 5th floorplan

I don't know any manufacture who custom builds anymore. RVIA has so many building codes for RV's I think it would be very difficult. There are just a couple manufactures making a front living room fifth wheel. I don't know how anyone could build just one. IF you find someone to do it, I assure you, it would be at a premium price.
Would like to see your drawing.
Designing my own 5th floorplan

All the fifth wheels I seen always has the bedroom up over the hitch.
Don't know why any one would want it any other way. The bedroom is the lightest and who wants more weight over the hitch?
Sounds like you need to look at the Class A.
Designing my own 5th floorplan

Well turnip, I want what I want. I have my reasons. Bedrooms up front are always right next to the road. I don't like that. I would prefer having the LR up front and being able to sit and look out the windows at the traffic or people going by. LR's in the middle or back haven't much of a view, unless you're backed up to a beach somewhere. Plus, I just like the look of the LR up front better. I don't want a class A, I want a fifth wheel.

GV, here's the plan. I took one I kinda liked and flipped it horizontally and vertically, then reworked the key areas.

Thanks team3360, I've bookmarked that page and will definately visit there when we go to Indiana!

Designing my own 5th floorplan

Go to Check out the Montana 3685FL. It is quite close to what you have drawn and the only front living room I have seen with slides on each side. (but I did not know about the custom place either) The kitchen is the biggest difference.

Good luck in your search
Designing my own 5th floorplan

Snowbird-I have owned several motorhomes, never a fifth wheel, but just wanted to comment that I like your idea. It is logical, makes good sense, and just might start a revolution in the RV industry. Good Luck! RZ


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Designing my own 5th floorplan

Hey Snowbird,
That is really a wild idea. I have seen one similar to what you are looking for here in the park in South Texas. I'll look again tomorrow and see if I can send the name. Personally, I would not want to sit and watch the traffic or people walking on the road out front. I'd rather look at other beautiful things like trees, birds, beaches, oceans, gulfs, rivers, etc. Good luck.
Designing my own 5th floorplan

No prob turnip and I do thank you as well for the help. We've looked at MH and liked a lot of them. But, prob is we just need something less, well, uh, less, expensive, lol. Plus we already have a big old truck to haul a 5th wheel and no iddie biddie car to pull behind a MH.

Archie, yeah, you're right about the traffic, but I just meant I would like to see something more than a tree right by the window. I like a little activity to watch. But, you are right, I do prefer to watch birds over people, lol.

GV, I did see that floorplan, but I want the front section to have my recliners with windows all around and the entertainment center oppisite, plus I want a computer desk and chair. Plus I have to have a bath and a half. Yes, MUST have, lol. (ladies, you understand)

Looks like I'll have to start a new trend in the RV world. Instead of a sunken LR it will be a raised one, ha ha.


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Designing my own 5th floorplan

Snowbird, looking at your floorplan, I can see the advantages when the slides are extended. However, how about when you can't extend them? My rule is if I can't use the bathroom, make and eat a snack or take a nap without extending the slides, I won't buy it. Won't you be blocked from the kitchen, the baths and the bed when the (2 center) slides are in?
Designing my own 5th floorplan

Ya'll need to move to Texas! Ya'll just designed a really neat mobile home! All you need now is to tow an old '57 Buick over to the front porch and park it! :clown:


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Designing my own 5th floorplan

Snowbird, that could do it. Bathroom and bed would be available, but not sure about how much of the kitchen would be accessible.