Desperate for help on the West Coast


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I have just bought a used RV, one like me.."an oldie but a goodie" but unfortunately, it didn't come with a "RV for Dummies" manual.

I'm in need of some advice on what/how/when type information. I've tried looking up the manufacturer to see if they have some of the info, but I think this one is too old (??)

Most of my excursions have ended up with a few "mishaps" that I'm sure if I'd known ahead of time, they could have been avoided. You know, like I learned now that when you buy a used older RV, you MUST go around and tighten every visible screw.. that way, the bathroom door won't fall off and lock you in

If there is anyone out there, that has information or can direct me to finding out about a 1974 Lindy Class C RV, I'd be greatly appreciative!!

Oh but you don't have to worry about my driving ability, I've been told I'm driving/parking etc like a pro.. must be cuz I was taught how to drive by a trucker.. YIKES... :) and besides, I have a sign on the back of the rv that states

"I need 3 car lengths to stop, which one of you wants to be first??"

I'll be watching/hoping for a message or 2.. or more... k

Happy travels to you all!!

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Desperate for help on the West Coast

Your 74 Lindy was built by Skyline homes at that time one of the largest makers of rvs. since Skyline no longer has motorized plant
it's next to impossible to acquire owners manual, any worth his salt rv tech should be able to put you through school on your rig, and probly fellow campers will be happy to assist. GOOD LUCK