Destiny RV

We found these RV parks on a website and tried them.....Destiny Phoenix and Destiny Dallas. They are BEAUTIFUL. We thoroughly enjoyed staying here. There are a couple of others....Vegas and somewhere in California. Lots of trees at Dallas. Poor hot Phoenix but the park is lovely and filled with conveniences. They are almost like mini-towns.
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Destiny RV

Destiny Dallas was wonderful--top rate. Destiny Phoenix was pretty, but had sites too small for our rig with attached car, had non- potable water (handed out free gallons of water for drinking) and I found out the next day they had a flurry of break-ins the night I was there. By the way, none of that information about the site sizes and and the water problems were communicated until AFTER I had checked in and paid full rates for that season!!!!!!! When I discussed that with the manager, they were kind enough to refund me part of the site fee for the night even though I did not request it. I would not go back to Destiny Phoenix until their water situation and thiir security situation is fixed (especially since they are also very close to a state prison).