Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

I want to get some insight from experienced RV owners on this issue. My wife and I like the diesel pushers the best. We will not be full time travelers. I am still torn on the fact of paying more for the diesel vs gas. If we do not need the diesel our money would actually get us just as much coach in the gas motorhomes. The hills do not bother me when talking about the gas and diesel engines. I do want to make sure I have enough power to sometimes tow a ski boat or a car. I do not want to buy gas and cause to much strain on the motorhome. I guess I need to know what the success for gas owners has been with towing.

Summary: -
- we do not mind paying more for the diesel if we must
- we are not full time travelers
- the initial cost does not bother me as much as the up keep and service (long term) etc etc.
- will be towing a ski boat in the summer
- other trips may tow a car

please give me any feedback on what maybe best for us with your past experience


DL Rupper

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Re: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

If you don't mind paying for a diesel, then buy one. The first time you come to a big hill/mountain you will love it. :laugh:


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Re: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

yes, diesel has 3 major advantages. 1) it will go up a hill without much strain, including towing something. 2) having the engine in the rear and the generator in the front means the engine is as far from you as possible when you are driving, and the generator is as far from you as possible when you are sleeping. Also, the floor plans are sometimes better due to no engine in the front. 3) The diesel engine will last longer

But of course, there are disadvantages as well. A) any engine made after 1 Jan 2007 must be a new design, so probably will be a few years before the bugs are worked out B) most if not all fuel now available is USLD, whose effects on older design diesel engines is unknown. C) The higher price to buy and maintain (they require gallons, not quarts :) ) D) They don't store as well as gas engine vehicles do. E) Harder to find fuel in town or minor exits.

Both fuels have instabilities under different conditions, so that is perhaps a wash. The diesel recently is higher in price, but can give a bit better gas mileage.
RE: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

thanks for all the info and all others please respond as well. I guess I have in my mind the thing that makes sense for the RV classes .................. I have in mind that Full time folks need diesels and the folks like me 30 yrs old and working makes more sense to buy the less price gas engine.(just my opinion) I do appreciate all feedback as I hope to make my mind up before the next Bristol Nascar Race in August. That is going in the mountains. Knowing me I should do the diesel but I still want to entertain all options. This is a big purchase.


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Re: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

I've got a Monaco LaPalma with the 8.1 gas and Allison Transmission. Been all around the U.S. pulling a toad.

There's not a mountain that has stopped me yet. Lots of different opinions on this subject. Go test drive a few and see what you think. Either one will provide you with lots of fun.
Re: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

OK. I need to revive this topic. I have a 1994 Bounder Diesel. It is my first diesel coach, and at 36' it is 11 feet longer than anything I've ever driven. On I75 at the Zilwalkee Bridge, I crest the hill 10mph less than my approach speed. The engine doesn't seem to be laboring, but it also can't hold the rig up at 70mph.

Is this normal? The coach seems to run fine in all other regards.

Please help.

RE: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

According to my local dealer it depends on how you will use the MH. If the vehicle is going to set for weeks or months at a time a gas engine would be better. If you would be using it for several times a month then diesel. He says that diesel fuel does not like to set around. But gas can if you use a gas stabilizer He had several customers that traveled to Fla. for the winter and left the unit set for the winter. The injectors cloged with bad diesel.


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Re: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

It is also a question of budget. The gas chassis with nothing on it costs the manufacturer about $35K less than the same rated diesel pusher chassis. Of course, there is not the "FRED" chassis from Freightliner and it is a front diesel which runs midway between the gas and the pusher chassis in price. With the increased weight ratings of the gas chassis now days, the difference in what you can get is not that great. But the diesel clearly has a better ride if it is one that has an air ride (not quite all of them have that) and nearly all of them also have air brakes. Those are things that are pretty nice, but when you stay in the RV, it is sitting still and so the chassis really doesn't do a lot for you. It just isn't true that you need a diesel pusher to travel fulltime as there have been many who are fulltime in gas chassis motorhomes for many years and even today we who live in gas powered motorhomes are at least half of them out here. We have been very happy in our gasser now for nearing eight years.
Re: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

Another thought is the cost of maintainence. I have a diesel truck. When I change the oil it takes 14 quart, oil filter $45, diesel fuel ussually more expensive than gas. Don't get me wrong I love the diesel but it definately cost more for routine maintainence.


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Re: Diesel Pusher VS. Gas

1 more thing to consider is your size. I have been looking at diesels not only for the advantages of a diesel, but because my 6'6" frame does NOT fit into the majority of gas motor homes that have a slide. The exception is a 2008 Tiffin Open Road...but, after hitting my head on the TV cabinet, and foling myself up to get into the seat...I still want a DP(Diesel Pusher)

Plus that, my bride said I could get one...If I fit IN the bathroom ;)