Difference between 19/20/21


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I am looking to buy a late model Roadtrek or Pleasureway. What is the advantage of a 21 vs a 19. The obvious two feet does not seem like a big advantage.


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Difference between 19/20/21

2 feet does not sound like much. Does 11% sound like more (overall)? How about 15% (living area)? :)


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Re: Difference between 19/20/21

The 190 and the 210 may have been a reference to length at one time I don't know.

A 190 is 20' 5" long without the tire kit.
A 210 is 21' 11" long without the tire kit.

The 210 is also 9 inches wider and you can get a private bathroom.
The bathroon in a 190 is created by opening doors (on mine it's the bathroom door and a cabinet door).