different couch

We have a 1979 South Wind that the previous owners took all the living room furniture out of. Any suggestions on what to replace it with such as fold down couch or chairs?
different couch

Best thing I could suggest is that with all the furniture, you have the opportunity of doing your own thing. Decide what you would like. Draw the floor out to some scale say 1 inch equals a foot. Got to yuor friendly furniture store with a measuring tape and get the measurements on what you would like. make little cytouts to the scale you are using and put them on the floor you have laid out if it leaves you room to mive around then go buy it.

Th other oiption is to find you a southwind and look at the manufacturer tags on the furniture.
different couch

There is a company in Indiana that makes a lot of the furniture for RV's. I own an '02 Southwind that has a "J" couch in the livingroom. Most uncomfortable piece of furniture I have ever sat or tried to sleep on. I contacted Fleetwood about the idea of replacing the thing with a hide-a-bed type couch and the representative told me that I just didn't understand about style and culture. Yeah, right! All I wanted was the fabric to match the other furniture the decision to get rid of the "J" couch had already been made.

I would tell you the name of the company but I can't find the catalog. Do a Google search and type in Motorhome furniture. I am sure a lot of sites will pop up. I want to say it was Steelcase but am not totally sure.

The Indiana company made all different sizes and styles of furniture and they seemed to be pretty competitive in their prices. Probably bolt in where the old stuff came out.

Good luck and happy camping.